About the project

The Social Assistance Map Explorer supports interactive queries on the number of participant households and individuals (reach) and the financial resources (resources) associated with social assistance programmes by type (pure income transfers; conditional income transfers; employment guarantees; integrated antipoverty programmes) for the period 2000-2015.

The explorer relies on a harmonised panel dataset Social Assistance in Low and Middle Income Countries constructed as part of a research project on Improving research infrastructure on social assistance in low and middle income countries. The project, which is the first of its kind, collected and harmonised data on social assistance programme design and implementation, institutional development and financial resources. Programme data can be aggregated at country and region level. Users can download our open access dataset.

The two-year research project is led by Professor Armando Barrientos. It aims to develop concepts, indicators and data to support comparative research on emerging welfare institutions in low and middle income countries.

This project is based at the Global Development Institute, the largest dedicated development research and teaching institute in Europe, which is part of The University of Manchester.

The project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the UK Government’s Department for International Development.

The project drew on the knowledge and expertise of a large number of collaborators across the world.



With thanks to all who help with the research project:

Ali Akbar Tajmazinani

Alper Súkrú Gencer

Amanda Taylor

Aminata Bakouan Traoré

Andrea Barry

Andrew Kettlewell

Beatriz Morales

Bernardo Atuesta

Catalina Gomez

Celine Peyron Bista

Chenxi Huang

Chris De Neuborg

Chris Jordan

Ciprian Badescu

Edem Yoruk

Elena Schigirev

Emma Kelly

Gift Dafuleya

Jacopo Hirschstein

Jaime Hurtado

Joana Borges Henriques

Joanna Josefiak

Jocelyn DeJong

Julia Brunt

Kate Pruce

Katharina Bollig

Kekeli Adonu

Lawrence Ado-Kofie

Lina Nabarawy

Ludovico Carraro

Luigi Peter Ragno

Marco Stampini

Mariana Stirbu

Martin Gazimbi

Miguel Niño-Zarazua

Nora Aboushady

Nihan Toprakkiran

Osman Outtara

Paola Peña Verdugo

Pathamavathy Naicker

Patricia Justino

Rana Jawad

Raqiya Alabri

Rose-Camille Vincent

Sara Rose Abdoulayi

Simone Cecchini

Sri Wening Handayani

Stephen Barrett

Thawon Sakulphanit

Ugo Gentilini

Vidhya Unnikrishnan

Vincent van Halsema

Willem Adema